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Cancer because of the microwave oven: is it possible?

Izvestia published my expert commentary on the topic, «Can a microwave oven lead to cancer and other diseases?

This question worries many people, and I am glad I was able to allay some fears and provide science-based information.

Using a microwave oven and other appliances cannot provoke cancer. According to studies, microwave ovens are safe to use if used according to the instructions for use.

A microwave oven uses electromagnetic waves to generate heat and heat food. These waves are in the microwave range, which is below ultraviolet and X-rays in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Many studies show that microwave ovens are safe to use if you follow the instructions and do not try to use damaged appliances. When used properly, they do not emit harmful substances or radiation that can cause cancer.

At this point, scientific studies have found no direct link between the use of microwave ovens and other appliances and the development of cancer.

However, the use of some food packaging materials, such as plastic containers, can release chemicals such as bisphenol-A (BPA) that can have negative health effects, including an increased risk of cancer.

Therefore, you should use safe packaging for meals, and you should follow microwave recommendations, such as using only containers designed for microwave use, not using plastic packaging, and not heating food for too long to avoid releasing harmful substances.

Also, you should not use damaged or cracked containers, which can release harmful substances when heated.

I urge everyone to be careful when using the microwave, follow the manufacturers’ recommendations and choose only cookware designed for microwave use. In this way, potential health risks can be avoided.

I thank the editorial board of Izvestia for the opportunity to comment on this timely topic.

Olga Dekker.