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The Power of Lecithin: Exploring Its Numerous Health Benefits

Journalists of the Russian international information agency «Novosti» asked me for help in preparing a material on the topic «Lecithin: types, benefits and harms, peculiarities of ingestion». I prepared an expert commentary and also helped to check the material prepared by journalists for errors and inaccuracies.

So, lecithin performs not one but several functions in the human body. Firstly, it is one of the main structural components of cells (of which cell membranes are composed), helping to renew and «repair» them.

That is, it is the building material for many organs and tissues, primarily the brain and nervous system in general, as well as the liver.

It also helps to deliver to the cells all the necessary nutrients (vitamins, etc.), and also contains a component that promotes the formation of acetylcholine — an important neurotransmitter that affects the function of the brain.

In addition, lecithin plays a role in metabolism, has antioxidant properties (that is, can fight free radicals).

The Favorite Diet: An Effective Way to Lose Weight?

The favorite diet is quite simple and effective in losing weight. The essence of the diet is that each day is a discharge — it is dedicated to a certain type of food.

The favorite diet is quite tough and low-calorie, which can lead to rapid weight loss. However, such weight loss can be associated not only with the loss of fat, but also with the loss of muscle mass and fluid.

As an expert nutritionist for the popular magazine «Komsomolskaya Pravda» I wrote in detail about the pros and cons of the favorite diet, as well as how to make a delicious and varied menu for the week.

Also, keep in mind that such a diet does not provide enough of all necessary nutrients, including proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. This can lead to nutritional deficiencies, reduced immunity, fatigue and other health problems.

Carob vs. Chocolate: Making the Healthy Choice

This particular carob powder tastes as close to chocolate as possible. It is used in baking all kinds of muffins and scones. It is also often used as an alternative to cocoa. You can buy carob chocolate in health food stores, or you can make your own.

About the benefits of carob and carob chocolate, as well as how to choose good carob in the store, I told in an expert commentary for Vertera — an online media about beauty, health and healthy lifestyle.

   Benefits of Carob:

Rich in antioxidants: carob contains large amounts of antioxidants that help protect the body from free radical damage.

Secrets of Food: 6 Dangerous Additives Hidden on Labels

Today it is difficult to find products with an all-natural composition. Most manufactured products contain artificial additives. They play a significant role: they extend the shelf life, increase the caloric value, improve texture, color, and so on. Some additives do no harm to the body, but there are some that are bad for your health. As an expert nutritionist, I told about how to figure out where the real danger lurks in an article by the daily newspaper «Sport-Express».

There are many dangerous additives that can be found in foods that should be avoided or reduced. Some of them include:

Cancer because of the microwave oven: is it possible?

Izvestia published my expert commentary on the topic, «Can a microwave oven lead to cancer and other diseases?

This question worries many people, and I am glad I was able to allay some fears and provide science-based information.

Using a microwave oven and other appliances cannot provoke cancer. According to studies, microwave ovens are safe to use if used according to the instructions for use.

A microwave oven uses electromagnetic waves to generate heat and heat food. These waves are in the microwave range, which is below ultraviolet and X-rays in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Mysterious desire to eat fat, sweet or salty foods before going to bed

Championship magazine published my expert article on the topic: Why do you want fat, sweet or salty foods closer to bedtime?

The scientific explanation for why fat, sweets, or salty foods are cravings closer to bedtime has to do with how our bodies work and our lifestyles.

First of all, our hormones change during the day, which can affect our desire to eat. In the evening, levels of the hormone leptin, which controls satiety, may be lower, while levels of the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates appetite, may be higher. This can lead to a desire to eat more calorie-dense foods such as fatty, sweet or salty foods.

What problems in the body will tell us why we want to eat fat? sweet? salty?